Alpay Salt


Born in Istanbul on 25 October 1968, Alpay Şalt completed his secondary education at Istanbul Erkek Lisesi, following which he studied at the Graphics Department of MSÜ Faculty of Fine Arts. He's held seven private exhibitions. He started playing the drums with the band Seth, which he joined while he was in high school. In 1989 he joined the group called Whisky, which had released the first ever Turkish hard rock album of Turkey called ‘Babaanne (Grandma)’. In 1992 he opened Turkey’s first percussion instruments and drums store Whisky Drum Shop. In 1998 he was selected as Turkey’s best rock drummer. Throughout his musical career, Şalt worked with the likes of Rapsodi, Erkin Koray, Alpay, Gür Akad, Cem Köksal and John Lynn Turner. In 2011 he celebrated the 25th year of his musical career. Şalt has been continuing his musical career with Yüksek Sadakat since 2007.


Yuksek Sadakat