Josh Fahran



"An alpha-male collage of testosterone, twirling sticks and bleached blond tresses. A stunning talent" - Harry Paterson, Powerplay

JR Windsor is one of the UK's most renowned and sought-after young drummers. From his critically acclaimed work with Toxic Federation, through to high-profile shows with current band, Fahran, the exciting and talented Windsor has earned the respect and admiration of his peers, not to mention that of thousands of satisfied fans who've seen him do his thing live.

Already he has toured, recorded and/or worked with The Answer, Paul Gilbert, Kamelot and UFO and has recently completed a triumphant tour with Fahran supporting ex-Dragonforce vocalist, ZP Theart and his new band, I AM I.

As well as high-profile gigs, like 2012's BT London Live, part of the official Olympic celebrations, the 20 year-old musician teaches, writes and continues to work with musicians from many different backgrounds; restless, questing, never ceasing in his desire to learn as much as possible and be the best he can be, Windsor is the drummer's drummer.

Taste, technique, speed and power; JR Windsor simply rocks. You better believe it...