Nené Vásquez

"I love the tradition, that goes hand in hand with the evolution. That's what SONOR stands for. A company that considers the purity of my sound. And having a portion on the evolution of my own musical personality." Nené Vásquéz


Percussionist Nené Vásquéz is one of the few musicians, that has a kind of superstar-status in south america on the field of percussion. He was voted "Percussionist of the Year" and "Best international artist" in his home country Venezuela, and received the "Premios Schock" award for his work with Sonorama in Columbia.

He received a Grammy award in the category Latin Pop/Rock with „Aterciopelados“ and performed the popular MTV Unplugged. The Rolling Stones magazine voted the band one of the best 10 live bands.

Without a doubt he is a gifted musician who shared his talent and passion on a number of recordings, and live concerts.


Marquess/Mo´horizons/Ritmo del Mundo/James Kakande