Gabor Dornyei: Clinic Tour Switzerland announced!


SONOR artist Gabor Dornyei (Thriller Live Musical, tHUNder Duo) just announced a number of clinics, arranged with the Swiss Drum Academy, to happen in February (check the flyer for details):

06.02.2013 Musik Hug, St. Gallen

07.02.2013 Ds Jugi vo Khur, Chur

08.02.2013 EatYourSticks Schlagzeugschule, Wintherthur

09.02.2013 Swiss Drum Academy, Oberglatt

10.02.2013 EatYourSticks Schlagzeugschule, Quartino

In other news, Gabor is now teaching at the renowned "Institute of Contemporary Music Performance" (ICMP) in London. Congratulations! Read more about the Institute: