This image shows the outer shell surface / finish of the selected item with the help of a Tom Tom.

The cool way to join the professionals

The SONOR Select Force series is the pinnacle of the new Force range. The Select series is a set for every drummer: designed especially for advanced and semi-professional drummers, Select Force Drum sets can also be an interesting alternative for professional drummers. A wide array of pre-configured sets, components and the very latest features from the professionals’ series make SONOR Select Force sets a real hit!

Select Force Sounds

The 7 ply Canadian Maple shells offer uncompromisingly rich and warm sounds, highlight lower pitches and provide balance in the mid-range and treble. Whether in the woodshed, recording studio or on stage, SONOR’s Select Force sets deliver a powerful performance every time.

SONOR Select Force Maple Shell Design

The Maple shells deliver maximum strength, perfect curving and neutral tuning, due to the tension-free cross lamination of individual plies of wood (CLTF Cross Laminated Tension Free Process).

SONOR Select Force Shell Thicknesses

7 plies for bass drums = 7.2 mm

2.4 mm Canadian Maple + 2.4 mm Chinese Maple + 2.4 mm Canadian Maple

7 plies for snare drums, tom toms and floor toms = 5.8 mm

1.7 mm Canadian Maple + 2.4 mm Chinese Maple + 1.7 mm Canadian Maple

Hoops - Force

Top: 2,3 mm Power Hoop, Steel

Bottom: 1,6 mm steel hoop

Individual Components – For Enhanced Setups!

A large selection of individual components provide perfect add-ons for an even bigger performance – ideal for live gigs requiring multiple setups.

Tuning Lugs with TuneSafe – Real Eye-Catchers, with SONOR Design!

The SONOR Select Force tuning lugs with fine-pitch threads are equipped with the TuneSafe feature, which prevents tension rods from loosening.


shell hardware finishchrome plated
item nameSnare Drum
seriesSelect Force
shell materialMaple
shell structureThe Maple shells deliver maximum strength,perfect curving and neutral tuning,due to the tension-free cross lamination of individual plies of wood (CLTF Cross Laminated Tension Free Process).
snare strainerThrow-Off Snare Action
item descriptionSEF 11 1002 SDJ
snare wire wires1 x 10'',12 steel wires
item no.17314452
unit1 piece
shell plies7 plies
shell finish outsideNatural
shell size10'' x 2''
shell thickness5,8 mm
batter headREMO UT,coated white,single ply
resonance headREMO UT Resonance,smooth clear,single ply
tension rods6 square head screws
bearing edge45°