New Danny Carey Snare Drum unleashed!


New Danny Carey Snare Drum unleashed!

SONOR unveils new Danny Carey Signature Snare Drum at the Winter NAMM Show 2009

SONOR and Danny Carey teamed up to create a new Snare Drum that is all about Danny and his sound — the “Tool” sound. This snare is the first in a new line of true Signature Snare Drums, and what better artist to launch a new snare drum series than Danny Carey himself?

Danny has been a proud member of the worldwide SONOR artist family since 1992. He’s played SONOR drums since 1982, and both his rhythmic talent and unique sound earned Danny the reputation as a “drum god.” Together with Tool, an absolutely unique band who stays true to itself, he has toured the world and recorded six albums Tool’s inception in 1990. The Grammy nominated band has reached worldwide multi-platinum status and is known for its huge and loyal fan base.
Danny has also appeared on albums by Pigmy Love Circus, Green Jelly, Zaum and Collide (to name but a few) and performs with his band “Volto!” in the Los Angeles area.

The Danny Carey Signature Snare Drum is constructed of a 1 mm Bronze Shell and comes with Artist Series Snare Drum Style lugs. The 2.3 mm Power Hoops allow the snare to breath open.

All hardware comes in chrome finish. With a diameter of 14” and a depth of 8”, it pays homage to the “Vintage” Signature Line Snare Drum that Danny has preferred throughout his career. The shell is covered by unique talisman symbols between the lugs. Also engraved around the air hole is Danny’s signature, giving the signature snare drum his final, personal touch.

Upon playing the first prototype, Danny remarked, “The Snare Drum has a powerful, but still versatile sound.” The Danny Carey Signature Snare can be tuned high or low without losing the specific, warm sound of Bronze sound in combination with the full-bodied shell sound. When tuned high, a nice crack is added — tune it low and find yourself immersed in Danny’s sound sphere.

Says Thomas Barth, SONOR’s Int’l Artist Relation Manager: “This Drum landmarks a complete new field for us at SONOR. We are known for a hi-level Artist Roster in the Drum scene including many great names and also great personalities. It is the first Signature Snare Drum we are introducing and I am proud that Danny has put his passion and love into the entire development of this beautiful drum.”

The Danny Carey Signature Snare Drum is available at most music retail stores starting February/March 2009. Players, Collectors, Toolists and Carey-Maniacs: make sure you own one!