PRODUCT NEWS 2015: New Hand Percussion Add-Ons



SONOR, proudly celebrating a tradition of over 140 years of excellence has announced a new series of Hand-Percussion Add-Ons: Six little boxes ready to hit off and add new sound opportunities to every Percussion setup where you play with your hands!

Every box offers a different sound type. There are two wooden instruments: A Hand Clap Block for warm, well-defined, dry and percussive tones and a Hand Clap Castanet for a sharp, precise, cutting sound.There are three metal boxes with different tambourine effects created through steel, nickel silver and Pandeiro style Jingles. And the most exotic type of the six marvels is the Thrasher: A solid black powder coated steel tube, like a cowbell in a little box, creating a high and cutting sound.

All Add-ons can be attached to a Cajon (with the included Velcro®), mounted on a rack with our new Add-On System Clamp (AO-CL) or you can just take them in your hands and start to groove!

Reinvent your personal style with some flavour!


HCB Hand Clap Block

HCC Hand Clap Castanet

JBNS Jingle Box (Nickel Silver Jingles)

JBP Jingle Box (Pandeiro Style Jingles)

JBS Jingle Box (Steel Jingles)

TCB Thrasher

AO-CL Add-On System Clamp


Availability: Spring 2015

For more information check out the detailed product description