PRODUCT NEWS 2015: New Small Percussion and Hardware



SONOR, proudly celebrating a tradition of 140 years of excellence has announced the extension of its Small Percussion and Percussion hardware program in 2015.


Global Cabasas

Two new Cabasa models are added to the Global series, which offers instruments at an affordable price point. Both Cabasas feature wooden flanges and handle as well as chrome hardware for a bright and cutting sound. Besides a Standard model (GCAL) a smaller, higher pitched model (GCAS) will be available, easy to play and comfortable especially for children and young students.


Small Chime Bar model

Furthermore, SONOR introduces a small version of its BC 32 (32 bars) Bar Chimes model with only 16 bars, the BC 16. This model will fit where other chimes won't - perfect for small drum and percussion setups! Premium aluminum alloy bars create a full, rich sound. It also features a dampening system to silence the chimes quickly.


Chime Bar Holder

With our new CBH Chime Bar Holder the chime bar models BC 16 and BC 32 can be mounted on any hardware stand and thus offer you even more flexibility and more possibilities for designing your setup.

New Percussion Rack System

Moreover, there will be a new rack system, a compact percussion mount, available with two (PRSS) or four (PRSM) mounting locations. It is an excellent way to add Percussion instruments to any rhythm setup or to your drum kit.

Latino Double Conga Stand

Finally, SONOR updated the premium version of its double conga stand. The new stand (L2CS) fixes congas reliably with three double braced legs, a spacer and a horizontal bar where the conga can rest for ultimate stability in all playing conditions. The stand is adjustable in height for comfortable playing. It is equipped with the proven SONOR FSE (Fast, Secure, Easy) Clamp System, which allows the user to mount and demount the Congas within seconds. Only one screw needs to be tightened.


For more information check out the detailed product descriptions:

GCAS     Global Cabasa Small

GCAL     Global Cabasa Large

BC16     Bar Chimes, 16 Bars

CHB       Chime Bar Holder

PRSS     Percussion Rack System Small

PRSM     Percussion Rack System Medium

L2CS     Latino Double Conga Stand