Thomas Lang releases solo album


Thomas Lang releases solo album

"SOMETHING ALONG THOSE LINES" -- the latest solo release from drummer/producer Thomas Lang -- is now available for sale exclusively at

Lang's eclectic and long-awaited sophomore solo album is an contemporary hybrid sound of "chill out" jazz and progressive rock punctuated by shredding guitars and blasting drum beats.

The completion of "SOMETHING ALONG THOSE LINES" took Lang nearly five years and spanned two continents. "For lack of a better term this album is a bit of a 'muso-musing,'" says Lang."

Integral to the eclectic sound of "SOMETHING ALONG
THOSE LINES" are various guest musicians including: seminal heavy metal guitar legend Bill Liesegang (Iron Maiden/Nina Hagen); keyboard genius Christian Lohr (Gianna Nannini/Paulina Rubio) and guitarists Torsten de Winkel and Steve Jones among others.

"In the time it took me to finish this album, my life has changed immensely, says Lang." There has been love, loss, birth, death, comings and goings -- and it's all represented here,"

When asked what does "it" all sound like? Lang laughs, "I don't know. But it's all here. Or? Something along those lines"

Track Listing
1. Pinball
2. Mylar Vs Nylon
3. Dragster
4. Hollow
5. Nickel
6. Cannonfodder
7. Cote d'Azur
8. Sandcastles

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